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We use a three-step, proprietary process to economically produce and deliver a professional, 18-page, 16-page or 14-page business plan, within 7, 6 or 5 business days of receiving key information about your venture.    A top-of-the-line, 20-page business plan requires 8 to 10 business days.

1 Plan &
2 Draft &
3 Produce &

Burden of Effort:
You:  20%
Us:    80%

Burden of Effort:
You:  10%
     Us:    90%

Burden of Effort:
You:  5%
     Us:  95%

Our Total Est. Time:
20-Page:  20-25 Hrs.
18-Page:  15-20 Hrs.
16-Page:  10-15 Hrs.
14-Page:    5-10 Hrs.

Our Total Est. Time:
20-Page:  55-65 Hrs.
18-Page:  45-50 Hrs.
16-Page:  35-40 Hrs.
14-Page30-35 Hrs.

Our Total Est. Time:
20-Page:  5-10 Hrs.
18-Page:  5-10 Hrs.
16-Page5-10 Hrs.
14-Page:      5 Hrs.

Standard Approach
Alternative Approach

Standard Approach

Standard Approach

Overview:   We must gather the information you have accumulated, in a form and format, that permits us to  efficiently render your business plan, in a manner that is timely, accurate, concise, persuasive, aesthetic,  internally consistent and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 

Overview As you submit  your information, we will begin to storyboard the layout and create a mock-up in  Microsoft Publisher™.  But, to avoid unnecessary rework, we will not actually begin the drafting phase, until all of your prerequisite information has been received, evaluated and deemed sufficient.      

Overview:  Once the final, pre-production draft is approved, we prepare the Publisher™ file for printing and  coordinate the third party collation and binding process.  Five (5) originals of the printed document, and a CD or zip disk, containing all relevant files, are packaged and shipped via overnight express for your acceptance. 

Standard ApproachYou receive a Client Workbook, and accompanying diskette to be used as a reference, throughout the engagement. However, 4-6 telephone calls will be primarily relied upon to extract the qualitative and quantitative information, necessary to being drafting. Our support includes market research, desktop graphics, all independent exhibits, and  the full preparation of a 40 to 60-page proprietary Financial Workbook, which is a Microsoft Excel™-based series of spreadsheets and charts that are the source of 20-25 plan exhibits, which are ultimately exported to the Publisher document.

Standard Approach:  A  mock-up is prepared, utilizing outline titles and exhibit placeholders.  Once you have approved the mock-up, various exhibits are exported from the Financial  Workbook or other sources and inserted into the Publisher™ template.  Main body text is then drafted  around exhibits, in a manner that maximizes aesthetics and  use of available page space.  Next, the financial sections are completed, main section summaries are prepared and the Executive Summary is drafted.  The document is then fully proofed for your final review and approval. 

Standard Approach:  We  obtain your formal approval of the final, pre-production draft.  Following this approval, we  prepare the Publisher™ file for copy shop or commercial printing.  Then, we  coordinate all aspects of the printing process, including cover and stock selection, color matching and separation, document proofing, collation, binding and quantity production.  After a final proofing, we package five (5) originals of the business plan, along with a CD or zip disk containing all relevant files,  and coordinate shipping via  certified, overnight express.

Alternative ApproachIf you have purchased Business Plan Pro, but later decide that your plan requires more professional treatment, then we will take whatever information you may have assembled, but then apply our proprietary processes and designs.  Since this may save us time, we offer a rebate for the purchase price of your planning software. 

RevisionsTwo revisions of the initial draft of the business plan are permitted.  These revisions may include changes in draft language, formatting, or other relatively minor preferences you may have.  Major departures from the approved mock-up, such as wholesale design changes or complete topic section overhauls, will be handled at a published freelance rate of $150 per hour. 

Post-Production:   If  the produced plan fails to conform to  the approved pre-production draft,  we will make any required  changes and reproduce the plan, at our sole expense.  If you require post-production changes, which were not contemplated in the pre-production draft, we will make the changes at a billing rate of $150 per hour, plus reproduction costs.  

CaveatsTime estimates assume that your overall thinking is crystallized  and that research data is generally available or can be obtained in short order.  If requested, we will perform supplemental work, but this will be charged at a $150 per hour consultancy rate.

Caveats Time estimates assume that no unusual constraints or design  requirements exist and that first and second  revisions are minimal.  If a major rethink occurs after drafting has substantially begun, recovery rework will be charged at $150 per hour.

CaveatsTime estimates assume that no customized design work, color offset printing, or post-production changes are requested.  PC slideshow or web-based media supplements will be  developed separately, and  generally require 1-2 additional business days.

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