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Do-it-yourselfers are forewarned:  developing a business plan is not an easy task.  The public domain is awash in conflicting information, some of which is useful, but much of which is self-serving... so proceed cautiously.  To get your long journey started, here is a sampling of web sites that may have some value in helping to define the general contours of your planning effort.

Business Plan Software Providers:

Palo Alto Software

Maker of Business Plan Pro™, the best selling business planning software tool.

Smart Online, Inc.

Maker of Smart Business Plan Suite™ and business resource center provider.

Business Resource Software

Maker of PlanWrite™   software and related business planning products.


Maker of BizPlanBuilder™ planning software and other business tools. 

Invest-Tech Limited

Maker of PlanWare™ business planning software and resource center. 

Business Plan Resource Centers:

Small Business Administration

Business planning & finance resource center; online classroom and library.

Useful site for self-preparers -- advice, sample plans and links to consultants.

Business Nation

Business info directory -- resources, industries, services and products.

All-purpose resource center, providing advice, forms, links & start-up toolkit.

General resource site, geared toward starting and running a small business.

Market and Industry Research Sites:

U.S. Census Bureau

Searchable database of demographic, economic, population & business data.

SEC Database - EDGAR

Vast database retrieval source; critical information about public companies.


Database: 32 million companies, 600 industries, and 37 million people. 

Business intelligence and research site, with news from 41 regional markets.

S&P Industry Surveys 

Encyclopedic source of financial data and analyses of 50+ industry groups.

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors: 

Searchable database of VC's and angel investors; business plan showcase.

The Capital Connection 

Resource for finding VC and angel financing, plus a business planning kit.

Business Brokers and Appraisers:

Int'l. Business Brokers Assoc.

Searchable database of business brokers and business opportunities.

Institute of Business Appraisers

Searchable database of IBA members and certified business appraisers.

Business Valuation Software Tools:

MBA Ware

Business valuation software and family of other business analytical programs.


Business valuation programs, various industry databases, and report writers.

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