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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, regarding:  

Qualifications What are your business planning qualifications?
Where can I find samples of your work
Are your prices negotiable?
How does payment work
Do you accept deferred payment or stock options


What if I just want limited consultation?
What if I want a plan drafted to my specifications
How long does it take to produce your standard plan
What is your process for gathering my information
Who handles the market and industry research



What if I don't like the mock-up or draft outline?
What if I change my mind, after drafting begins
What if post-production changes are required
Do you guarantee your work

Plus, One More...

I'm ready to go... what are the next steps?
bulletWhat are your business planning qualifications?
Our owner and principal consultant is a JD/MBA/CPA and licensed business broker, with 25 years of experience as a senior financial manager for two Fortune 50 companies and the sole proprietor of a business law practice.  He is an expert in strategic planning, financial management, process evaluation, and supply chain management, and provides broad, global perspective, gained from assignments in the U.S., U.K., Europe, South. America and Asia, plus hundreds of high-end business planning engagements, involving 100+ country-markets, worldwide.
bulletWhere can I find samples of your work?
We cannot share proprietary information contained in the business plans of prior clients.  However, we have posted an array of images on this site, which provide a good visual representation of the form and format of our typical business plans.  The samples provided relate to financing objectives, but we can craft a business plan to meet any specific financing, marketing or management goals.  
bulletAre your prices negotiable?
Our standard fixed fees for producing world-class, professional business plans are a fraction of the price normally charged by high-end specialty firms.   Moreover, we offer price discounts of up to 10% on any business plan or media supplement, depending upon the amount paid, at signing, and your targeted drafting week.  If you elect to purchase and utilize Business Plan Pro, but later decide to have us produce your plan professionally, we will extend a price rebate equaling your retail cost, payable at final settlement. 
bulletHow does payment work?
Payments for standard business plans or media supplements can be made in four installments:  30%, upon contract signing; 30%, upon commencement of drafting; 30% upon readiness to transmit initial draft; and 10%, upon final shipment.  Payments for hourly consulting services are handled on a pay-as-you-go basis.  We accept wire transfer, VISA, Master Card or American Express, eCheck, money order, cashier’s check or personal check.  All credit card transactions are securely processed for immediate approval.
bulletDo you accept deferred payment or stock options?
At present, we do not accept deferred payments or contingent, non- cash alternatives, such as stock options.  However, we are reviewing some financing alternatives, which may soon become available.  
bulletWhat if I just want limited consultation?
We provide tailored business solutions, including general consultation.  This might range from our minimum of four hours, to whatever amount of time you require, in order to meet a particular objective or to feel competent to prepare your own business plan.
bulletWhat if I want a plan drafted to my specifications?
We offer tailored business solutions, including draft-to- specification. Our standard business plans, and available options, afford wide flexibility in design, layout, content and length.  However, if you have a unique outline, format or objective in mind, we will be happy to execute to your exact specification... from start-to-finish.
bulletHow long does it take to produce your standard plan?
We can draft and produce a world-class business plan within 5-7 business days of receiving prerequisite information about your venture.  However, the preliminary process of gathering information can take days or weeks, depending upon your general level of readiness and the intensity of commitment you are willing to make.
bulletWhat is your process for gathering my information?
Normally, upon signing, we overnight express our Client Workbook, and accompanying CD, to facilitate the initial gathering of your qualitative and quantitative data.  Clients can either provide informal, written responses to interrogatories presented in the Client Workbook, a process that is rewarding, but often time consuming... or allow us to conduct telephone interviews, to accomplish the same informational objectives, usually in a fraction of the time.  Alternatively, you can purchase and utilize Business Plan Pro™, by completing about 50 to 60 software modules, in lieu of our data gathering process, and then receive a product rebate.
bulletWho handles the market and industry research?
Our processing time estimates presume that your overall thinking is crystallized and that research data is generally available or can be obtained in short order.  Part of the 15-20 hours of front-end, professional consultancy is devoted to 10-15 hours of well-directed market research... but, this effort is intended to top off your own  market research efforts.  About 80% of the time, this collaborative approach will satisfy the client's needs, without incurring additional charges.  However, if you expressly authorize us to perform additional market or industry research, we will charge these supplemental services at a published freelance rate of $150 per hour.
bulletWhat if I don't like the mock-up or draft outline?
We will not proceed to the draft stage, until you do like the mock-up and draft outline.  We will continue collaborating, until we generate a storyboard that you feel sells your business proposition effectively and that we feel is likely to assure your ultimate satisfaction.
bulletWhat if I change my mind, after drafting begins?
Minor changes will be handled, at no additional cost.  Major departures from the approved mock-up, such as wholesale design changes or section overhauls, will be handled at $150 per hour. 
bulletWhat if post-production changes are required?
If  the produced business plan does not conform to  the approved,  pre-production draft,  we will make all necessary changes and reproduce the business plan, at our sole expense.  If you require post-production changes, which you did not contemplate in the last approved draft, we will make the changes you require at a reduced consultancy rate of $150 per hour, plus reproduction costs. 
bulletDo you guarantee your work?
During all stages of the engagement, we will apply our best efforts to assure your ongoing and ultimate satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide you with a professional business plan that is compelling, informative and appealing.  However, we make no warranty, express or implied, that the business plan we ultimately produce will, in fact, achieve any specific financing, marketing or management objective.  

I'm ready to go... what are the next steps?
Contact us, so that we can answer your questions and make an initial assessment of the scope and timing of the engagement.  After  terms and conditions have been agreed, we will send you a Letter Proposal for your signature acceptance.  Upon receipt of your signed acceptance and the required initial payment, we will immediately commence work.  By overnight FedEx, you will receive a Client Workbook, and an accompanying CD, designed to assist your thinking process.  While this material can be used to communicate written responses, 90% of our clients prefer to rely almost exclusively on 4 to 6 telephone exchanges, lasting about 60 to 90 minutes each, to effectively communicate the qualitative and quantitative information that will be required to facilitate the engagement.  In a typical scenario, the preliminary activities leading to the effective establishment of an engagement can be accomplished, within 24 hours from initial telephone contact.

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